Early summer in the garden. Pictures -puppet – poems

P1000565   P1000557   k


The frog pond 

translucent wings hover
newts wiggle under waterlilies
nearby bees fills socks with pollen
midges dance in fading light.

   P1000567    P1000566   P1000547



Despite honey stocks and bee fondant
wind rain and snow penetrated
the sturdy wooden hive

Now they lie like tiny cocoons
clustered around their queen
a valiant brood.

P1000556  P1000569-001 P1000561



On the path
I just avoid
stepping on a
brown worm.
I place him
on rain sodden earth
After all, anyone
can take the wrong direction.

IMG_20200512_204722-001 IMG_20200512_112343 IMG_20200512_203911


She’s got the set and the sun
but the story line is vague
and not sure that any self respecting
film maker would make an epic
about the life of an ageing marionette
who missed both fame and fortune
with no one to pull the strings
and filming it all on a mobile?

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3 Responses to Early summer in the garden. Pictures -puppet – poems

  1. Terry Woodhouse says:

    A Lovely start for my day Ann miss seeing you Terry x

  2. Richard Parkin says:

    You’re at least a week ahead of me, roses are only just in bud here. And the heron has punctured my pond so it’s slowly leaking. Frogs are very cross. Xx Richard

    • ann perrin says:

      Love it ❤️ spent hours yesterday strategically placing clematis support over ours to stop the moggies next door plundering for our newts…watching them one of the pleasures in life!

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