Short films

Here are short films made when I was a member of OVFM and Spring Park Film Makers. Some have won minor competitions. there are mini Documentaries filmed in Brighton. Poetry etc.

Here are remakes of our marionettes performances. Scenes from Alice in Wonderland, dissecting skeletons, a shadow puppet sequence, puppetry for educational purposes, two of three plays for Pelham Puppets.

I have made films  about Monet’s Garden, Virginia Woolf’s garden, The West Pier, Burning the Clocks 0 an annual festival in Brighton, A traditional woodcarving class, A Cottage Garden, The scene of the battle of Culloden, ‘The Hole in the Wall’ – a picture book, and lots more, some with thousands of hits others with a few. Many of them run for just 5 minutes,

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There are three films there that I did not make ‘The Telegoons’ but I was one of the Telegoon puppeteers and No One Loves a Fairy (Alan made this one  because I did the singing)

‘The Telegoons’ were based on ‘The Goon Show’.  My family were the puppeteers for the pilot film, I was a Telegoon puppeteer,

The Punch and Judy films were part of Paul’s early attempts but there is also a full length show he performed for the opening of  The Terraces in Rottingdean