My poem ‘Seeing’ is about problems with my sight and of course a little general chit chat.

Seeing   – poem about macular degeneration
on the pond orange and white waterlilies
balance like ballerinas on green leaves  –
                                                                        my eyes still focus I see them
spotted newts glide gracefully as wide eyed
frogs leap up teasing next door’s  tabby cat –
                                                                       my eyes still focus I see them
a flutter of feathers as sparrows dart
in and out of the laurels building nests –
                                                                       my eyes still focus I see them
the stark outline of plum and damson trees
are twisted into a lasting embrace –
                                                                       my eyes still focus I see them
in the distance sky merges with the sea
the downs are now a mass of grey green blobs –
                                                                       my eyes still focus I see them
tiny pink flowers shine on my late mother’s
Oleander as clouds mar their magic –
                                                                       my eyes still focus I can see them
loved ones gather and they talk with their eyes
so I miss so much of the conversation.
Ann Perrin

Sadly our house sale fell through a few weeks ago and we lost our house in Eastbourne. We were packed and ready to go so in the end we decided to move all the packed boxes into the garage, live out of suitcases more or less and start all over again.

Thankfully my eye conditition is responding to treatment. I can still see my giant screen and with the help of a big yellow keyboard can type. Zoom meeting can be a bit of a challenge so tend to avoid. My phone is a lifeline because I use the camera fuction not so much to take pictures but to enable me to see pictures in galleries, landscapes in the open, plants in the garden in close up.


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3 Responses to My poem ‘Seeing’ is about problems with my sight and of course a little general chit chat.

  1. alexjosephy says:

    Wonderful poem and I feel for you, Ann. I’ve left a comment on your website. Keep the poetry flag flying. Alex xxx

    Sent from my iPad ‘Naked Since Faversham’ Pindrop Press 2020


  2. Thanks, Ann. It’s a lovely poem, beautiful images. You’ll always see beautiful pictures in your head. Liz Ainley

  3. Kay Nicole says:

    thank you for your poem. I am so sorry about your eye sight problem. I have the hearing loss saga , but your eye sight problem is so m uch more. Please keep up your email messages and inner vision. You have heaps of courage and I think that is the first on the list of all sentient beings. Kay

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