Papery onions straight from the ground



At last some lovely papery garlic and onions just right for drawing never mind eating. I left some in the ground although the stalks have turned brown. The garlic was quite small but some of the onions looked a bit soggy so I thought I might as well cut my losses and eat them!

A few strawberries, a handful of raspberries and the artichokes and rhubarb are now established. Amazing so little seems like a huge achievement.

Its the joy of it all…lovely fresh food, great place, lovely people.

Discovered from the tutor Claire at the pen and ink class at Evolution that she has been growing stuff since she was six. She starts things off from seed in her lounge in Feb. I went home and cleared the lobby and Alan put a shelf up!  Sweetcorn and tomatoes from seed next year starting in Feb!

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