I discover a journal about my visit to India in the 80s!

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I was having a big clearout on Sunday when I came across three rather worn black sketchbooks. Very pleased to discover one was written a journal of the trip with my friend/ colleague Sunita and her two children in ’88.

Sunita’s husband had a full time job but she and I both worked in community education in Lambeth so we had long breaks. The plan was to stay with Sunita’s family in different parts of India, which we did.

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It was not possible for my children to come but they were older than Sunita’s and both were happy to stay with their grandparents. Although they were not keen that I had to sell our old banger to pay for my fare!


I hope there will be some interesting blog posts or even some poetry to come as a result of these wonderful memories.

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Arriving in India

The heat sucked life out of her body
her skin felt strangely numb
heartbeat quickening
lungs full of heavy heat.

Eyes strain
a desperate need to keep focused
as her whole body succumbed to fatigue.

So this is India.
Can death be this simple?
Lost in the mountains, our voices call out

The sky is dark, lit by a million stars.
We cease to care if anyone finds us.

On the Ganges,
boats made of banana leaves,
with tiny tea lights
bounce on the waves.
Taking the souls of loved ones
to a secret destination.

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