14th May is forever etched in my memory.

My late mother’s birthday. I know many people remember their loved ones on their anniversary days and I am no exception.

Today I remember her fortitude, helping her own mother to steer us all to safety in the Second World War. It is not only the old soldiers who did not talk about their wartime  experiences. During those years they had survived bombings, brought their children up, coped with rationing, made new lives with loved ones who had gone off to fight and come back changed men. Some of them of course never saw their men again.

I have nothing but admiration for my mother with her creativity, humour. Her dedication in looking after her elderly parents, coping with my impossible father and kindness to everyone that came within her orbit.

The Blue Necklace

Abandoned in the bottom of a box

beads of azure blue,

my eyes close,

willing the memory to return.

Yes, I can see her now –

those teasing eyes,

her dark brown hair,

satin gown and silver shoes.

And for tonight,

just for tonight,

grandmother’s treasured necklace

gracing her slender throat.

A smile, a kiss and she is gone,

gone to dance with father,

to an unfamiliar peacetime tune,

her perfume drifting into the night.

We had our ups and downs but when she came to live near me in later life we had a great time.  I brought her down to Brighton always stopping for lunch at one of our favourite places – Heaven Farm. She had visits from family and was so happy to spend time with her great grandchildren.

Every November she held a traditional Halloween Party for family and neighbours and  loved to dress up as a witch.

Lastly, there are my memories of the six years spent conserving our marionettes and making films. I have just updated this information on my home page.

So today, we’ll open a bottle of bubbly and raise a glass to Joan, my mother!

Our happiest film making:

Our hardest film making – it won a bronze cert at an IAC’s annual comp. a few years ago.


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  1. annperrin says:

    thank you Danny was not sure about putting this up, so glad someone liked it. x

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