Poet in residence in Earls Court Square!

Oh that’s me!

One of the poets taking part in the Open Garden Squares Weekend 17th and 18th June with many thanks to The Poetry school for such a unique opportunity.

P1070253         P1070409         P1070219        P1070393

Katrina the enthusiastic chairman of the garden committee has shared some the gardens history, shown me her favourite plants and told me about the plans for the weekend. There will be musicians, a gazebos for tea and cakes etc.  I have also talked to Eyre an absolute gem and very knowledgeable gardener!


Katina and Eyre

It is all so exciting and I am beginning to think about its trees, plants, interesting residents past and present.

So now for less gardening in my own garden and more ideas for poems on paper!

Do come and say hallo if you are in London that weekend.

P1070236OGSW slogan


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