Our old coal scuttle – modern haiku and other small poems.

Currently I am experimenting with linking sketches to poetry.

IMG_20190821_220602 (1)
mad Ella ate coal
small pieces from our scuttle
unwed and alone
gran said they took her baby
and the shock sent her insane

a shimmering globe
mirror of distortion
white space crumpled sky

talking to yourself
is a sign of sanity
said my old granny

She looks how I felt
after spending all morning
clearing out the pond
thank goodness for begonias!

waiting in the wings
was the story of her life
until the tide turned

“We don’t do kindness.
How do you spell sweet reason?
Best check our website
if this is in the prospectus
there will be a waiting list!”

IMG_20190824_204432 IMG_20190825_100433 IMG_20190824_193004

Right of passage
I was eighteen when the part of Tomboy came up in a second feature film about
travelling in a tiny yacht through the canals of France to St. Marie. A braver girl from a sailing family crossed the channel in an Avon dinghy, a stunt that helped with the finance. My journey was hazardous too, but my right of passage came to an end dancing in the grounds of a chateau in a dress designed by famous fashion house ‘Frank Usher!’

Finding this Avon dingy last week reminded me of the story above.IMG_20190824_144932 (1)

Reference to this journey was included in a poem called ‘Ambition’ from ‘The Puppeteer’s Daughter’ IMG_20190824_191915-001

IMG_20190831_202557 IMG_20190901_173602

Happy days!

Born in London blitz seventy nine years ago today with a broken mouth. My mother used to say considering all the setbacks, it was a miracle that I learned to speak and then I never stopped talking!

All my current sketches are in acrylic.

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1 Response to Our old coal scuttle – modern haiku and other small poems.

  1. Alex says:

    Lovely, Anne. EspecIally Ella, and your wise granny!

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