Giving birth 50 years ago today!

DSC0374850 years ago I gave birth to you, laying in a hospital bed in Whittington Hospital in a total panic!  There were none of those pre-natal birth sessions!

After the initial checks on timing of contractions I was left alone in a cubicle for much of the time listening to worrying screams of other mothers near by. After what seemed an eternity my own screams led to being hastily wheeled into the delivery room. Suddenly two nurses rushed in with what I later realised was gas and air. Shoving the gas mask over my face, I was just about aware of their instructions and a conversation about their luck at getting the chance of adding me to their list.  Two minutes later two more nurses rushed in really annoyed they had been beaten to it! Think it must has been a teaching hospital.

Naturally, the emergence of  tiny baby with real hair was wonderful and I got a chance to see you before the  stitching up and all that jazz.

Finally the nice bit, with your dad. You wrapped in a clean sheet and later the breast feeding advice all of which was comparatively easy thank goodness.

The hospital was very regimented and mean with nappies and we all used get a relative to bring one in and then wash it out in the  bathroom hanging it on the radiators at night when no one was looking. Very unhygienic I guess!

The nurses’ standing joke as new mothers struggled with the routines and responsibilities was always, ‘see you in nine months time’.  Yes, this was often the case, maybe because this was just before effective birth control became available to women. However I wanted a second baby I had this idea of bringing up a young family altogether, but did opt for a home birth the second time around.

To young mothers at the time  ‘Dr Spock’s Baby and Child Care’ was our a godsend.  What a great book. I loved it. It was like having your mother down the road, (less than a year I was living the other side of London from mine) Dr Spock encouraged  feeding on demand, details of symptoms of illness etc. Brilliant!

After several years, the marriage failed, no one’s fault really but bringing you both up was a big struggle at times. I had all kinds of jobs, later did teacher’s training for mature students at Coloma, studied with the O.U. but we still had lots of good times. You and your brother are different in personality and  aspirations but are both loving, thoughtful, caring people and  I have lovely daughters in law and three wonderful grandchildren. I would not change any of it for the world.

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!

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