The Big Forest comes to Brighton

Just had to nip along to ‘The Big Forest’ set up at Fabrica in Duke Street today. I wanted to see some of the bears and meet the man behind their brilliant blog site.

Admittedly there wasn’t a forest, shame! But morris bear, with bells on, was in evidence along with some of his companions…the man behind their blog, as one would expect, was very friendly and full of information about bears, campervans, the universe and everything!

I opted for a fox key-ring but then thought it would add a certain something attached to my handbag! They are open tomorrow too, the entrance to the craft fair at no. 50 looks like a hole in the wall, apparently they are not allowed to put up posters outside!  Why for goodness sake, sometimes these stupid regulations drive me potty.  How are we supposed to find all the lovely people inside, including a group giving free crochet lessons!

Brighton Craftaganza including greetings cards, key rings, Orson, Heirloom and Artist Bears, Bags, Brooches, Cushions…..


TheBigForest | June 2, 2012
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1 Response to The Big Forest comes to Brighton

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Thanks for stopping by – really good to see you both.

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