Relaxation, self hypnosis and positive health.


I’ve just downloaded one of my films on youtube called ‘Relaxation and self hypnosis for positive health’.  ‘Self hypnosis’ means you can use it to help yourself, in terms of managing your health.  I tend to speak slightly faster on this film than I might for a personal hypnotherapy session, so it is more about going with the flow and taking from it what you feel might be of use to you. You can of course shut your eyes and use it as a sound track without the images.

Positive thinking and imagery is good for your health. However if you are not sure about it, please consult your GP first.


Part 2  on the film has a few ideas intended to support those suffering from cancer. Personally I think there should be much more alternative therapy/self help available and for free! So this is my tiny contribution to that end.

I became interested in positive thinking and it’s effect on ones health while suffering from a serious back injury.  Later I became a Master Neuro-linquistic Programmer and a qualified hypnotherapist. 

I was involved in the development of the ‘South East Cancer Help Centre’ in Purley, helping to move it from a church hall to a purpose built unit in Tesco, and in the training of their first counsellors.  I believe the centre is still thriving. Later I worked with an MS therapy centre. 

Good Luck to anyone who tries the ideas on the film.  It could be useful if you suffer from stress. I was thinking of carers too, I’ve  have been a carer twice myself.

The soundtrack was  a CD  I made several years ago and has been sent as far away as Australia.  I turned it into a  film this week  as a tiny tribute to a lovely film making friend of mine – Mike Turner who has just died,



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