Loving the life – fairy magic and Sussex folklore

The Rottingdean wishing stone wall? DSC07710 DSC07714-002

Thoroughly interesting talk at the latest Whiteways evening in Rottingdean on Friday. Imps, Fairies, Dragons and Giants – Sussex Folklore with the highly informative Colin Manton – who is a Lecturer in Local history.

Taking some of his research from another authority, Arthur Beckett’s book ‘The Spirit of the Downs 1930’ he took us on a journey of discovery into the element of life that has us believe in imps, fairies, dragons and giants. Another popular reference for his talk was Rudyard Kipling.

Having written about the ‘wishing stone’ in Rottingdean a few posts ago, I have to eat my words for I left out the essential ritual:

  • stroke the nose with the right forefinger
  • make a wish (that does not include money)
  • turn around 3 times clockwise and not against the sun

The carved stone head was found in rubble in the churchyard.

Colin’s talk included the legend of ‘the Hangman’s Stone’ , ideas about the origins of fairies, the need we have to make sense of our experiences, the link with science and folklore.

Colin does summer schools at Sussex Uni but a there is to be a 10 week course in the autumn at Whiteways.   I can see that will be a real winner.  A lovely night out, all for £7 including a glass of wine. Check their website for more information about monthly talks and Saturday courses at modest cost.

Me, I love a bit of fairy magic and am the first to clap my hands to save ‘Tinkerbell’ in Peter Pan.  The idea of Dragon’s is great too. I’ve got two or three. One a friend gave me, another one is ceramic, made by my mother, she loved to hand build in clay, the  glaze a subtle green. Lastly a half finished sleeping dragon carved by me in lime but  I never got round to completing it.

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