Alphabet challenge – E for ego

E is for ego


Ego likes to get about
to jump, to hop, to run,
he’s bright and sharp and sparky,
intent on having fun.
When he’s at a party
he’s rude, he’s crass, a bore,
if there is a silence
he’ll always take the floor.
Favourite colours red or gold,
he feeds on chocolate cake,
he doesn’t like to take a nap,
he needs to stay awake.
He likes to keep abreast of things,
he must be in the know,
he’s always in the fast lane,
forever on the go.
Ego’s never lonely,
he’s busy with his schemes,
he doesn’t waste his time on guilt,
he’s always full of beans.

(page 77 of ‘Don’t Throw Away the Daisies’ – fun stuff section)

Ego’s are tricky things we’ve all got one after all however much we might deny it.

Oh no not me I hear you cry, I am a modest shrinking violet I hope not – have you noticed just how much attention a ‘shrinking violet’ can attract?  All those kindly souls asking if he/she is alright?

Then there are arrogant pigs who always tend to put their opinion first and never listen to a word anyone else is saying. Ummm!

I have to confess my ego had a rare old shine when I was actually paid to entertain! (puppeteer/hopeful actress/standup)  After all, one had to be at the top of the game or it  would be taking money under false pretenses, but then even if was a charity do  one had certain responsibilities.

Having an ego can still mean one can be calm, controlled and confident. making the best of any given situation. She said wisely!

DSC08684 - Copy Here is a pheasant with attitude or is it exalted sense his own ego!

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