Beauty is in the eye of the gardener?

1-P1040458.JPG 1-P1040629 03-P1040638 14-P1040622

2-P1040379   26-P1040550   28-P1040545

23-P1040589  6-P1040245  1-P1040636  30-P1040541

1-P1040559  3-P1040605 25-P1040555 1-P1040635

17-P1040611     13-P1040399     P1000136

My garden, one of my son’s wild meadow, busy bees and ants nest (enlarged) on The Weald Allotment.

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3 Responses to Beauty is in the eye of the gardener?

  1. maggietaraz says:

    wonderful photos – my favourites are your anty and bee pics. x maggie

  2. Peter Kenny says:

    Like the ‘hidden’ pictures too, like when I clicked on you in the meadow. Intriguing!

    • ann perrin says:

      Apart from the razzmatazz of blogging, I’m a puppeteer and late start poet so hiding is what I do best x

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